I am Iarina

cropped-cropped-iarina_1.jpeg24.01.2018: The necessary amount for the surgery was raised. Thank you all very much!

My name is Iarina Luchian Cristea and I was born on the 6th of March, 2017.

My parents were so happy to have me and the moment when they first held me in their arms was magical.

Unfortunately, the joy was cut short because a few weeks after my birth I was diagnosed with biliary atresia a condition in which the normal extrahepatic biliary system is disrupted.

My only chance was a very complicated and expensive surgery at a hospital in another country. My parents did their best and managed to secure this chance for me, so, on the 5th of May 2017 I had my first surgery at the Acibadem Atekent Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

The surgery was 6 hours long and highly complex. To me it felt like a very long nap and I woke up scared because my mom and dad were not around. I cried a lot, I did not know what was happening. I got to see them only three days later when I was released from intensive care.


My surgeon doctor Burak Tander said that the surgery saved my life and gave me the chance to grow until I would need a liver transplant sometime in the future. I was so happy to finally be able to go home.

For a few months, the visits to the hospital were less frequent, I was feeling better by the day and my life seemed normal again, rejoicing the simple joys of being a baby.

However, a few weeks before Christmas, my health abruptly worsened again. My parents took me to the doctor once more. Santa Claus found me with a pronounced jaundice with a cannula in my left arm and a diagnosis I do not understand, but it looks quite serious: Hepatic cirrhosis, portal hypertension, ascites, hepatosplenomegaly.

My only CHANCE to life is an emergency liver transplant at a foreign hospital. A committee at an Istanbul clinic was willing to consult me at the beginning of January 2018 to prepare for the operation costing roughly EUR 100,000.

The New Year will find me at the Clinic in Istanbul, where I will be waiting for the results of the preliminary tests, which will determine the exact date for the transplant.

Mum and Dad struggle to give me this CHANCE, they have raised some of the necessary amount for the transplant, but they also need your help: of all the people willing to donate money to save a child’s life.

Thank you!

Below is the link where you can see how much money were raised so far and the list of the people that donated: